Our Vision Statement

We want to come along side by individually supporting parents of prodigals in crisis. With a committed team of intercessors, praying fervently, being available for times of crisis. Being open to God’s Word for each specific situation, knowing there are NO magic formulas. There is no such thing as the "right book" or the right Pastor to "fix" this. God will equip each one for their specific situation. We must seek God; search His Word for what He has. We will encourage each other to be honest and open, feeling secure that this is a safe place – we all have confidences we need maintained.

They Felt Good Eyes Upon Them

They felt good eyes upon them and shrank within –undone; good parents had good children and they – a wandering one. The good folk never meant to act smug or condemn, but having prodigals just “wasn’t done” with them. Remind them gently, Lord, how You have trouble with Your children, too.

Prodigals and Those Who Love Them by Ruth Bell Graham

Prayers and Miracles

Parents Name: Arlen Please pray for LorenzoPlease stand in agreement with me that ALL of Gods promises for my child and generations to come after him will be fulfilled and no weapons set against him shall remain, prevail or prosper in any way!  Thank you & God bless you all and your families for all […]

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July 2012

Parents Name: Kelli Please pray for JakePlease pray for us and our son, Jake. He is the oldest of our four sons. He is 18 and has been rebellious (it feels) since the day he was born. We just received the news that he plans to move out of our home for his sr. year […]

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