September 13th, 2014 by Linda
  • Parents Name: Arlen

Please pray for Lorenzo

Please stand in agreement with me that ALL of Gods promises for my child and generations to come after him will be fulfilled and no weapons set against him shall remain, prevail or prosper in any way!  Thank you & God bless you all and your families for all you do in Christ!!!!

  • Parents Name: C.J.

Please pray for Steven

Our son is signing up to go into the army. He has been drifting since high school. Please pray that God would arrange these circumstances to the best advantage of our son’s spiritual welfare. Pray for me (mom) as well as I continue to learn what letting go and trusting God looks like. Thank You!

  • Parents Name: Joanne

Please pray for Michael

Asking that you join my husband and I in praying for our adult son, Michael that he will do what it takes once and for all to kick his drug and alcohol habits.

  • Parents Name: Kathie and Steve

Please pray for Kenny

Pray that God will be merciful in what it will take to bring our son back in communication with us .  We just wait and are faithful in knowing God is at work.

  • Parents Name: Lisa

Please pray for Chelsea

My daughter Chelsea is planning on going to courthouse to get married to a guy after only knowing him for 3 weeks. Please pray for God to intervene. Thank you!

  • Parents Name: Lisa

Please pray for David

David is a manager of a large business and it is not doing very well and he is under pressure. He is asking me for prayer. That He would see God answering this prayer and he would pray also. That God would bless him with wisdom and favor and do exceedingly abundantly and this would bring David back to his Jesus.

  • Parents Name: Sabrina

Please pray for Hunter

My precious son Hunter is 19 years old and has an addiction to marijuana which has has completely consumed his life (no friends, no life ). He is completely withdrawn from the world. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR MY CHILD.  Thank you so much for your help, Sabrina

  • Parents Name: Julie

Please pray for Anthony

My Christ Following 18 year old son recently joined the Air Force. Now nine months later he is beginning to drift from God. He sometimes goes to a good church close to where he is stationed and watches online our home church pastors sermons sometimes.

Please pray for me to only show love (no condemnation) for him and keep the lines of communication open. And of course for my son to have godly friends, accountability and to grow in his faith.

  • Parents Name: David and Jill

Please pray for David

I ask for prayers for our son who is 22. He is living with his pregnant girlfriend and has turned away from us and God. He was called to be a pastor as a teen and has wandered off of the path. We are devastated and don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Parents Name: Thana

Please pray for Ana

My daughter is almost 20 years old. She started to rebel at age 15.  Please pray that God in His wisdom and mercy bring her to repentance and conviction of her sins- that He leads her to Christians that will influence her heart to cry out to Jesus and follow Him. I am broken hearted but not crushed- and I so appreciate your support in prayer for my daughter.

  • Parents Name: J

Please pray for Jess

Please continue to pray that my daughter, Jessica, will be drawn to the Lord by the Holy Spirit, and that she will respond to Him with open heart. Please pray that all of my children will walk in His Word and Truth all of the days of their lives. Please pray for my yet-unborn grandchild, that the Lord will cover Him with the blood of Jesus while he is yet in the whom, and that he will be a mighty warrior for God. In Jesus’ name I ask these things.

  • Parents Name: Tony & Gloria

Please pray for Chris, Dana, Janelle, Tony Jr.

Please pray for our four prodigals, that they would all surrender, that the chains of bondage would be broken.

  • Parents Name: Bonnie

Please pray for Mariah

My daughter, Mariah just turned 19 two days ago, was raised in a Christian home, accepted Jesus as her savior as a young teen and has been very involved in our bible believing church and her youth group always. She started going to college about 2 hours away met and agreed to may a young man we don’t really know. They lack maturity and although she has not walked away from the Lord yet, she is not putting her relationship with Him first by dating and planning to marry an unbeliever. We pray for her future, that she will put utmost importance on her relationship with the Lord, that he will accept the Lord as his savior and that God’s will be done in this situation. Please pray for our peace in this matter and that she does not stray further from the Lord.

  • Parents Name: Ginny

Please pray for Doug

We are a Christian family and my husband is a pastor in a bible believing church. Doug is our oldest child and was born again, living for the Lord until very recently. We are praying for him to return to the Lord and to live to please him, for her to accept the Lord and for God’s will to be done as well as for peace for our hearts as we wait for this situation to change for the better. Thanks!

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