We are a group of Parents of Prodigals who have all gone through a crisis. We want to support other parents by standing in the gap prayerfully when parents are often exhausted and unable to pray or seek encouragement during a most difficult time. We encourage parents to rest during their crisis but to join in prayerfully once their crisis has passed, by reading the prayer needs on our Prodigal Prayers page and join our prayer team.

Two moms praying for their sons (in the car) while their daughters took piano lessons planted a seed in our hearts for other parents with prodigal children. Soon other parents began expressing concern for children experiencing rebellion in many different forms, drug abuse, alcohol, homosexuality, pregnancy to name a few. Some have run away and some have remained at home and caused a strain on the entire family, often forcing parents to focus on the troubled child while discounting the other, more compliant children in the home. How does a family survive? Who do you turn to?

God has given us promises for our children and it’s often hard to remember them during these times of distress. You must force yourself to focus on the promises God has given you. Open your Bible – many of them are probably highlighted from years past. Begin to search for God’s Word for you at this moment – He IS trying to speak to you. He is speaking peace and HOPE. Remind the Lord of His promises and thank Him for His faithfulness. We KNOW that God loves our children even more than we do! That’s hard to imagine – isn’t it? We love them so much our heart aches and feels so broken! God KNOWS that kind of pain, as He too, hurts for our “lost” children.

We are here to support parents. Feel free to E-mail us and let us stand with you. Confidentiality is a top priority and we will not share your information with any other group, church or organization.