February 2012

February 5th, 2012 by Linda
  • Parents Name: Barb

Please pray for Joe

Please pray for my son Joe. Because of a bad situation, he is now in legal trouble. He is a good young man who grew up in the church but has problems with alcohol that have caused this and other problems in the past. Please pray for our whole family as we go through this process with him.

  • Parents Name: Kim

Please pray for J

For daughter who is pregnant with man who is getting divorced but not granted yet. We are really seeking God’s wisdom on how to respond, where to set boundaries and not lose our grandchildren in the process. Really struggling with what to do.

  • Parents Name: Ronda

Please pray for Daniel

My 26 yr old son was abused as a child..the man forced him to read bible while abusing him so he hates my GOD 🙁  My GOD did not give that child to me on CHRISTMAS EVE to be a junkie or be in prison all his life. I appreciate your prayer.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Elizabeth

My daughter is 26. She has suffered from depression since age 11. Since that age, she was anorexic, self-injured, had attempted suicide, was hospitalized for depression, and had an abortion. We appreciate your pray support.

  • Parents Name: Janetta

Please pray for Joshua

Please pray for my son that God will bring him back to living for the Lord and out of drugs and living in sin.

  • Parents Name: Ruth

Please pray for R

I Pray that my daughter will be free from Satan’s chains. She is in drugs, alcohol, rave music, sexual immorality and lesbianism. She belongs to God and she needs to Come back to Him.  Thank you for joining us in asking God for her liberation.

  • Parents Name: S & B

Please pray for Mitch

Prayer for our 16yr old son who has become abusive to his mother, lying,  &  stealing. I have had to learn to let go and put him in Gods hands which is very painful.

  • Parents Name: Thelma

Please pray for Jason

Please pray for my son, Jason. He’s 24 yrs old. Once a dedicated christian then he started smoking marijuana. He was arrested 2 days ago and this morning he’ll be in court. I pray this will be the turning around I’ve been praying for. Even though I’m so heart broken I continue to believe God is working this situation.
Thank you for praying for Jason. God bless you.

  • Parents Name: Edwin

Please pray for Lim. He needs a miracle to happen as soon as possible to restore him to his parents and to God.
His parents and me are very sad because of Lim’s sudden change of behavior.

Thank you very much.
Edwin from Malaysia

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