July 2012

August 11th, 2012 by Linda
  • Parents Name: Kelli

Please pray for Jake

Please pray for us and our son, Jake. He is the oldest of our four sons. He is 18 and has been rebellious (it feels) since the day he was born. We just received the news that he plans to move out of our home for his sr. year of high school and live with two girls. Please help us pray for him. Thank you!

  • Parents Name: Sharon

Please pray for Evan

My son is 22. He was raised in the knowledge & committed his life to God at an early age. Since about 18, we have had trouble with him, as his choice of friends has been less than desirable. He has been in trouble with the law lately.him. We need prayer for us, as it is taking it’s toll financially & emotionally on my husband & myself. Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Paula

Please pray for Benson

My son who is 21 and living at home for the summer is all of a sudden sullen and quite mean and disrespectful to me. Please pray that God lifts Ben up and away from the snare of the devil. Help me to realize what is going on and keep in perspective.

  • Parents Name: Yvonne

Please pray for Chris

Our son has struggled with drugs and alcohol and just got married to an atheist. He at one time knew the truth but is far away from the Lord now. He needs prayer to truly submit to the Lord and His word.

  • Parents Name: Leslie (Sister)

Please pray for Michael

My brother Michael is 20 years old has turned his back on God and has turned to a life of drugs, promiscuity, and lies. He has left church and the home that he was raised in. He has cut off most all involvement with our family and it hurts us all. We don’t understand what he is going through. He seems depressed and angry. I pray for God’s healing in this situation. I pray that he will do what is necessary to bring Michael back to what is right. I pray for strength and wisdom for my family to know how to respond to this situation.

  • Parents Name: Courtney

Please pray for Aleah

I worry for Leah’s safety.

  • Parents Name: Karen

Please pray for Kristen

Please pray for our 21 yr old dtr who states she is no longer a Christian.   Our younger dtr has been affected by her older sister too. I ask in Jesus name for Kristen to come back to Jesus and believe the Bible as his truly infallible word.

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  1. Rebecca said:

    “Holy Father, Son of God. Keep through Thine own name our precious daughter, Katherine, whom Thou hast given us. I pray not that Thou shouldest take Katherine out of the world, but that Thou shouldest keep her from evil. Sanctify her through Thy truth; Thy word is truth. For her sake I sanctify myself, that Katherine also might be sanctified through the truth. Father, I will that she also, who Thou hast given us, be with us where we are.”

  2. OrieWheeler said:

    Dear Lord,
    You know I feel exhausted of praying for Gabriel, our prodigal son who continues to make wrong choices and being disrespectful to me when his own choices don’t work out for him. Lord you know he was brought up in your word please returned him to you, not to me but make him thirst for your word as he hits rock bottom. Pick him up with your loving arms and show him your ways. Orie

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