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June 2012

June 8th, 2012 by
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  • Parents Name: Yvonne

Please pray for Joel

My son is 23yrs. old. Christian educated at home and high school in private Christian school. Married to a pastor’s daughter and has a 20 month baby girl. Now in rebellion.  So much hurt and suffering has come from all of this. Please pray for him.

  • Parents Name: Holly

Please pray for Troy

My son is the same as all your wonderful children, struggling to fit in in a culture that is out of control. He is entangled in many deceptions and is clearly not the son we knew. I have watched God gracefully guide and protect him while showing him the way. He continues to turn his back on God and go his own way with drugs, alcohol etc. He is in a place of needed change. please pray he will change his heart and repent and turn to God.

  • Parents Name: Brad and Ker

Please pray for Bradly

Bradly just finished a therapeutic residential boarding school program for struggling teens. He is having a difficult time. Thanks  for your prayers.

  • Parents Name: Carrie

Please pray for Janelle

Janelle left home this January, two days after her 18th birthday. She has not contacted us once. Please pray for her protection and that she would turn her heart to recognize and receive Christ’s love. She accepted Christ when she was 5 years old, but has been living the past four years in rebellion.

  • Parents Name: Jan

Please pray for Jess

Please pray for repentance and salvation for my daughter. We pray for reconciliation first with God Himself, and then, her family. We pray that she will rise to become the “warrior for God” that we claimed her to be. Pray that the Lord will rescue her, and cause her life to be a testimony of His great power, mercy and love. Pray that she will live the rest of her days in service to Him.

  • Parents Name: Peggy

Please pray for Nicole

I would like prayer for my daughter who married a man 9 years older than her. I worry constantly, feel depressed and anxious over this whole situation. I pray for them constantly. I know I should put it in the hands of the Lord but it is so difficult. So I also ask prayer for myself to trust more in the Lord. Thank you!

  • Parents Name: Ronda

Please pray for Daniel

My young son has been incarcerated for almost 10 yr. Please pray for Daniel. Thank You

  • Parents Name: Debby

Please pray for Jeremy

Please pray for my son, Jeremy. He is in his 30’s and has had issues with drugs/alcohol for a while. We thought he was doing somewhat better but had a violent outburst Sat. night. We are afraid he may be in as deep as he was before. Thanks to all who will pray for him. I am heartbroken but holding on to God’s word.

  • Parents Name: Cynthia

Please pray for Jared

Jared is addicted to over the counter drugs. He is in treatment but that demon is so strong. My husband is a pastor and Jared was raised in the Lord. He has a daughter and was not married. He is 29 and I see his life being wasted. The lying, deceit, and stealing that has accompanied this addiction has been gut-wrenching.  He had a voice that he used for the Lord at one time but he is so far from the Lord. Please pray that his fight with the demon of over the counter drugs is successful and that he returns home to God! Also pray for our hearts as they continue to be broken.

Thank you

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5 Comments on “June 2012”

  1. Esther said:

    I will pray for you and for Jared. I fully understand what you feel now. I have a son and he was an addict, but he was born again 2 years ago. My husband and I had prayed for him for ten years before he was saved. So please pray constantly and never give up! God hears our prayers. (my husband is a pastor and my son is 28.) This is a spiritual battle, but Jesus our Lord has won! Remember Eph 6:11-18 when you pray. I used this passage in my prayers to strengthen my heart.
    With Love, a sister who experienced what you are facing now.

  2. Yolanda said:

    Please pray for my daughter Monique. She will be 18 in 6 months and is living with a 39 year old male felon who sells drugs. She has bipolar disorder and ADD and has been off her meds since she ran away in Aug. 2010 just before her birthday. She finally called us in January saying she wanted to leave there. We are in KS. She’s in Ohio. My husband said no because we fear for our two younger kids. Please pray that she will get out of that situation before its too late. She was baptized at 6 years old but has always been very rebellious. She also suffers from mild attachment disorder. We adopted her at 5. Birth mom was a drug addict. Pray for my daughter to be healed and delivered.

  3. Sandra said:

    Yvonne- I am praying for your son Joel. I pray that Joel will return to all that he has learned in his lifetime about who God is and that he will also come to know God even deeper during this time. I pray for healing of the hurts and wounds each of you has suffered through this. I pray for protection over Joel and his wife, that God will protect that covenant and grow and mature it, blessing it along the way. I pray for that precious little girl of Joel’s that God will shape and mold him into the father that he needs to be for that child. That God will place his protection and provision for all that you and your family will need in this season. May God create an amazing testimony through this to show and minister His love, peace and provision for His children.

  4. Sandra said:

    I am praying for you and your son Jared. Addiction is a tragic disease, and I agree it is a spiritual battle. I pray God will equip you and your son to fight the good fight. I claim the victory is God’s and that your son will live to tell the goodness of the Lord once again. I pray for strength for you in each day, that God will lift you and your family up and strengthen you, comfort you and provide the peace that only He can. Healing prayers going up for your son!!!!

  5. Sharon said:

    Be assured of my heart felt prayers for Jared. These prayers come from a broken heart for my own son Nathan. While it’s often difficult to really believe, God in his amazing grace, gives us all the freedom to fail. The thing that is often really hard to believe is that when we do fail, God never defines us by our failure.
    After listening to Wayne Jacobsen’s videos, I am reminded that trusting God’s love even when I’ve hurt those I love or done things I know are wrong, His love frees me in ways that doing everything right ever would.
    It’s a confusing balance to love those lost in the pull of addiction, without enabling their destruction. By listening to the Holy spirit, we can learn new ways to love and slowly trust can be rebuilt even when we fail at finding the balance. You are not alone in this battle that only God can fight. As we surrender to His love, others are drawn in and freed to surrender too. Here’s a link to some thought provoking encouraging videos.

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