Prodigal Prayer List 2011

March 3rd, 2011 by Linda
  • Parents Name: Diane

Please pray for H

My Prayer request for my 19 yr old son is that he finds the Light of God and the hope & faith that was instilled in him as a Child. That He can let go of his present & past life and be reborn into Gods glory, forgiveness and mercy, to be the man we raised him to be and always knew he could be! In Jesus Christ Name we pray!!

  • Parents Name: Y

Pray for my daughter T son T. Thank you for your prayer support.

  • Parents Name: H and M

Please pray for Our 4 sons

All four of our sons do not know the Lord. They have turned from the Lord and to a life of rebellion, drugs and drinking. They are 22, 20, and 19 do not have jobs and are not in school. We have had to ask each of them to leave our home due to their lifestyle. They are all living with other people. We are praying that they will turn to the Lord and be set free from the grip of sin and death.

  • Parents Name: P

Please pray for Benson

I think he is depressed. I am torn between tough love and getting him some Christian counseling. Please help me pray for him.

  • Parents Name: Debby

Please pray for Jeremy

Please pray for my son, Jeremy. He has been fighting substance abuse, went to rehab for two months and home again. Please pray for his healing physically and spiritually and that their marriage can be saved. Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Margaret

Please pray for Mark

Our beloved son, 24 y/o has escaped some life threatening situations.  Pray for divine intervention, deliverance, restoration,  rehab,  godly mentors and godly peer support. Thank you in Jesus’ name.

  • Parents Name: Netta

Please pray for Rachel

Rachel turned 18 in August and 2 weeks later went away to college. Three weeks ago we learned that she not living in her dorm. She is living with a 24 year old man. Please pray that God will change her heart and bring her to her senses.

  • Parents Name: Heather

Please pray for Simone

Please pray that God would reveal himself to Simone and that he would heal her of her anger. “Nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37. Simone is only 14 years old and has a lot of anxiety and fear.

  • Parents Name: TONY

Please pray for JANELLE

Please pray that she will return to her own borders.

  • Parents Name: Lori

Please pray for Jaime

Please pray for our daughter Jaime, she is living in a faraway land with a man who does not know the Lord. Please pray we will have a Godly wisdom and trust God and not keep our eyes on what we see but what is unseen. Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Anna

Please pray for Austin

My 18 son who grew up in the church and called himself a man of God has turn his back on the Lord. He has left the church, home, friends and school. He has gotten involved with drugs and has adapted a lifestyle of every kind of sin. Please pray for brokenness that leads to genuine repentance.

  • Please pray for Tyler

After a few years of homelessness my 26 year old son has entered a Christian drug treatment facility. Please pray that Tyler will be brought to genuine repentance so that he may know the truth of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

  • Parents Name: Valerie

Please pray for Sara

Please pray for my oldest daughter who is living with an older man. She is in spiritual and emotional danger while in his presence. He has turned her away from her faith, her values and ethics, her friends, and her family. Please pray that their relationship ends, and that she comes home to the Lord and to her family.

  • Parents Name: Rose

Please pray for Sarah Ann

God has done a wonderful healing in our relationship and the door of communication is wide open. She still isn’t walking with the Lord, in fact, she plans to go to Florida for the winter with a new boyfriend. Please pray that God uses this for His glory and brings her back to Himself.

  • Parents Name: Lisa

Please pray for Charles

Tomorrow he will be 19. He just bought a car and as soon as the plates arrive in the mail, he’s moving away. He is my youngest. He’s rebelling against God and all that he has believed. Please pray for him.

  • Parents Name: Peggy

Please pray for H

Many struggles, many self-imposed. Please pray that she returns to the Lord. Thank You!

  • Parents Name: Heart

Please pray for Karen & James

Please pray for parents Mary, Andrew, Jack, and Heart- James & Karen moved to a commune . We need God-given wisdom and discernment.

  • Parents Name: Lynda

Please pray for Nicky

Please pray for my daughter Nicky (24 years). She is bipolar and deeply into drugs. She needs a miracle! Thank You

  • Parents Name: Rebecca

Please pray for Amber

Please pray for Amber. She has been gone for a little over 5 years. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined my child would turn her back on God for a life of sin.

  • Parents Name: Paula

Please pray for B

Praise God for great opportunity for our son to join local Christian youth group band. Please pray that he accept this offer as they are truly attempting to hold him accountable. The ball is in his court now. He is at a real fork in the road. Choose youth group or choose to say “no” so he can go on living in the same old way. I am amazed at how God is working in this situation. I feel that prayers are being answered right now.

  • Parents Name: Cheryl

Please pray for Ashlee

Please pray for Ashlee to return to the Father and to all who love her and to all who she has loved.

  • Parents Name: Danielle

Please pray for Anthony and Louis

Please pray my boys will love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. That they will return to Him and then to our family! And for protection while they are away.

  • Parents Name: Maggie

Please pray for Marissa, Nina, Edward, Luis Jr.

Please pray for my four children – all prodigal. Thanks!

  • Parents Name: Amy

Please pray for Jonathon

Jon is 18 and in his senior year of high school, the fourth of our six boys.  What concerns us most is that he has been shoplifting and using internet pornography and has walked away from his Christian faith. He often seems to be devoid of conscience.  Please pray for us to have wisdom, grace to deal with him as the Lord would have us to in tough love and that the hound of heaven will pursue him, however long it takes, until he comes back to Him.

  • Parents Name: Peggy

Please pray for H

My daughter is 24 years old, had a child out of wedlock 2 years ago, married a man (not the father) who is 9 years older than her and is having a very difficult life. Please pray for her to return to God.

  • Parents Name: Tina

Please pray for Misty

Please pray our daughter who was a wonderful christian all her life til college. We know God has a good plan. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Parents Name: Danielle

Please pray for Anthony & Louis

My boys are on a destructive path. They are now in high school and have turned their backs on God. Please pray my boys come to their senses soon. Thank you, Danielle

  • Parents Name: Karen

Please pray for Kenneth

18 year old was raised in a loving Christian home, and was always a strong leader at church with vision of spreading gospel across the nation.

Please pray for his total deliverance; back to his right mind; restoration to Christ; breaking ungodly ties; saved friends; repentance; restoration of family relationship; humility.

  • Parents Name: Jill

Please pray for Kyla

Please pray for my daughter Kyla, seventeen and making choices.  Pray for God to use this time to open her eyes to His truth, His plan, His will. That it will be the beckoning of the Holy Spirit that calls her back home, not my voice. That I will allow God to work on her and not interfere, that I will obey His will in this and not try to step in and fix everything in my time and to my own satisfaction.

  • Parents Name: Sandi

Please pray for Jacob

Our 27 year old son was raised in a Christian home, accepted Christ as a child, joined the Marines for 5 years and fell completely away from walking with the Lord….even wondering if there really is a God.

  • Parents Name: Kim

Please pray for Amy

Amy is 30 and has been broken by life, raised to know Jesus.  Please pray she will surrender to God and let Him heal her with his love. Please pray for us this is very hard.

  • Parents Name: Rena

Please pray for Dominic

Please pray for my son, who has walked away from our family. Please pray for his salvation and the restoration of our wonderful family.

  • Parents Name: Paula

Please pray for Ben

During his first year in college he has left the church.  He really is torn between two worlds.

  • Parents Name: Terry & David

Please pray for Amanda

Our beautiful, perfect daughter, who never gave us a single problem growing up. She no longer wants anything to do with us and has cut us off from seeing her and our grandchildren.

  • Parents Name: Marie Grace

Please pray for Raewyn

Please pray for God to touch my daughter’s life. Thank you and God bless

  • Parents Name: Jean

Please pray for Chris

Please pray for Chris who has an alcohol addiction and is in a treatment center.

  • Parents Name: Kim

Please pray for Kristen, Kirk and Ethan

Please pray for my 3 children. All 3 are in trouble with the law. They need Jesus and salvation. I need peace and coping skills to cope with the choices they are making. thank you!

  • Parents Name: Debra

Please pray for Michael

Michael, 18, has been a prodigal since very young. My son needs prayer as do I. I am now at a point where I know I need to stop enabling and allow my son to feel the full consequences of his choices. I just do not know how to get to a place where emotionally I can do that. So, my prayer request is that my son embraces the glory of the Holy Spirit and also the same for me.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Jamie

My daughter is currently in jail. We are hopeful that she will be released into the minister’s custody and be allowed to return the program she was in.

  • Parents Name: Lisa

Please pray for Sunny Rae

Please pray for my beautiful daughter that she’ll turn to our Lord. Please pray as she says she is getting married – that the unholy union will not take place

  • Parents Name: G

Please pray for J

Please pray for my confused 19 year old son….raised to know God but bitter and depressed.

  • Please pray for Trevor

Trevor has taken a lot pills and alcohol because of depression. That he would have a encounter with Jesus. Thank you

  • Parents Name: Kim

Please pray for Whit

Stop running from God and looking to all the world has to offer and indulging in it.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Abi

I have a 17 year old daughter named Abi who is missing from her group home.  Thanks you Linda

  • Parents Name: Susie

Please pray for Kevin

Please pray for my son, Kevin, that he seeks help for his depression and anger.  Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Barbara & Jerry

Please pray for DENISE

My daughter claims to be a Christian but I think she is mixed up with something wrong. She has broke off all contact with us. I can’t even contact my two grand-daughters. Please pray our relationship will be restored. Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Steve & Connie

Please pray for Allie

Please pray that God will bring her home . We love her, but know that God loves her more.

  • Parents Name: Shay & Alan

Please pray for Rachel

Please pray for my 18 year old daughter. She left home in February of 2011, the month after turning 18. Please also pray for our family as a whole, for our strength and resilience.
Thank you,

  • Parents Name: Lisa

Please pray for Chelsea

Chelsea is struggling. Please pray that God would heal her deep wounds and return to her Lord.

  • Parents Name: Tawn

Please pray for Karissa

That she would hear God calling her. That the veil that blinds her eyes to the truth would be lifted, that God would frustrate the efforts of the enemy in her life, that any ungodly influences would be removed from her life, that He would surround her with people who will speak the truth to her in such a way that she would be compelled to return. That her husband will not become bitter, but rather begin to stand firm in Him. That she would be willing and open to reconcile with him.

  • Parents Name: Sarah

Please pray for Ethan

Ethan begged Jesus into his heart when he was six. He was filled with the Holy Spirit, went out on mission, inspired passion in others toward the Lord. In high school, he was anointed as worship leader, singing praises, which was prophesied over him when he was in my womb. While at college, and has hardened his heart toward God, Christ, his family. Our heart’s desire is that he would ‘return to his own borders’ and when he has turned toward the Father again, that he, like Peter, ‘would strength his brothers.’ Thank you for praying and believing he will know the truth and be set free to serve Christ. Sooner rather than later.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Philip

Found out today that Philip tested positive for drugs. My son needs to get help for his addictions. Pray that he will make a decision to do that. I so appreciate all of your prayers. Thanks!

  • Parents Name: Debby

Please pray for Jeremy

Please pray for my son, Jeremy. He needs direction and guidance for his life. He is very mixed up right now. He has many needs, but needs the Lord in his life most of all. Thanks to all.

  • Parents Name: Marie

Please pray for R

Please pray for God to bring this young lady to her senses. Pray for God to heal her of all hurt, real or perceived and for the taste of the occult to be broken off her life. Pray for God to open a path to the mental health care that she urgently needs. Thank you and God bless

  • Parents Name: Yolanda

Please pray for Monique

My prodigal daughter physically assaulted her birth mother who she went to live with 10 months ago. Please pray for them both.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Jeremy

He went to Rehab for about 8 weeks and came home and is not doing well. Haven’t heard from him in several days.  Thanks so much for you joining me in prayer.

  • Parents Name: Julie

Please pray for Nathan

For Nathan to know Jesus personally as his Saviour. For the world to loose it luster and the blinders that satan has placed on Nathan’s eyes to be removed. For Nathan to live with purpose in the perfect plan that God has for his life.

  • Parents Name: Carol

Please pray for Robin

Please keep praying for Robin, he wants no ties with the family at all. He has lost his identity. We miss him so much and look ahead to the day of his safe return. God works amazing miracles, and we pray for this miracle of reconciliation and restoration.

  • Parents Name: Melissa

Please pray for Joseph

My teenage son used to be a believer, and a witness to others. He has lost his faith in God, however, and is planning a career in a field where being a Christian is often seen as foolish (science). He is a good son, and is getting ready to go to college. Please pray that God will put friends and teachers in his path who will influence him for Christ, and that God will give him faith to believe again. If God is for us, who can be against us? Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. I STAND on these promises.

  • Parents Name: Linda

Please pray for Philip

Needs deliverance from drugs, alcohol and needs an encounter with Jesus Christ. Thanks for praying.

  • Parents Name: Debby and Jerry

Please pray for Jeremy

To rid himself of worldly behaviors and to be saved

  • Parents Name: Debbie

Please pray for Jennifer

Jennifer is now 26 yrs old. She walked out in anger at age 24. She married an unsaved man in Feb. 2011. She has nothing to do with her father or me. We raised her by the Word of God. We miss her so much.

  • Parents Name: Lilly

Please pray for Ariana

It seems that God is speaking to my daughter, strongly, about the hardness of her heart. I remain in prayer and intercession for her and my other daughter. I would also like to request prayer for both of my daughters boyfriends, for their complete salvation and total surrender to Jesus Christ.

  • Parents Name: Yolanda

Please pray for Monique

Pray for my 15 year old daughter Monique she is living with a drug addict who is allowing her to be promiscuous and have total freedom.  Pray that God will touch her heart and heal her brokenness to see that this is not real love.

  • Parents Name: Beth

Please pray for Sarah

Sarah knows the Lord, but is living with her 9th boyfriend in a year. We know God is faithful to bring her ‘Home” to Him and surrender her life to God at last. She is 20.

  • Parents Name: Karen

Please pray for Peter

Please pray for Peter. Due to the fact that we Peter was stealing from my husband and I and pawning the items for money, we have had to “kick” him out of our home. He is homeless, jobless, rebellious, angry, and bitter.  Pray for God to chip away at Peter’s hard heart and give him a heart of flesh that would seek healing between himself and other family members. Pray for salvation!!!

  • Parents Name: Yvonne

Please pray for Roland / Valerie

My daughter 26, is living with a man who is 10 years older than she is and has taken her daughter to live with them. My son, 30, has 3 daughters, three different mothers, whom he never sees. He does not work… They both were believers once, and read the Bible, and asked me to pray for them often. Now it is as though they never knew God, and I fear that it will be a tragedy that will make them turn back to God.

  • Parents Name: J

Please pray for Hannah

Hannah, our young teen girl, has been going out in the middle of the night and getting drunk. She has been doing self-injury for almost 2 years. She has turned away from the Lord. She is now sneaking out “dating” another boy who has turned from the Lord.

We are on the mission field and are returning to the US this coming year so Hannah can get professional counseling. I feel like the enemy is tearing our family apart.

  • Parents Name: Karen

Please pray for Peter

Please pray for our son, Peter. He is 20 years old. His life is characterized by lying, stealing, drinking, fear, depression, anger, and rebellion. He is blind to the fact the it is his own behavior that causes him such misery. He desperately needs the Savior. Please pray for God to press tightly in on every side and bring an awareness of sin that will bring the humility it takes to surrender to Christ.

  • Parents Name: Mary

Please pray for Theresa

Theresa is not doing bad things, she is just so wrapped up with her boyfriend that she believes it is either ‘him or me’. His parents and I got off on the wrong foot. Please pray for repair of these relationships. Please pray that I would change and grow so Theresa can and will respect me.I have not seen her since June 2010 but I know she is a college student nearby. I can’t seem to ‘move on’. I am stuck. Please pray for us. I do miss her terribly!

  • Parents Name: Valerie

Please pray for Sara

Please pray for my 23 year old daughter who has become involved with an older man who is very controlling and manipulative and who has taken her away from her faith, her values, and her family. I ask that she breaks free from the sinful choices she is making, and that she embraces God’s will for her life. I ask that this relationship ends, because it is harming her emotionally and spiritually. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Parents Name: Cindy

Please pray for Freddie

Please pray for my 22 y/o son. His walk away from God (saved as small child). He has surrendered all to the enemy, his faith, his academic abilities, his work ethic, his gift of good and godly friends, his dreams. Praise God, I do not see drug use or alcohol abuse (though he does drink).  I believe that God can and desires to restore the prodigal.

  • Parents Name: Ricardo

Please pray for Dennis

Please pray for my son. He has just been arrested after having walked out of a court-ordered drug rehab program. He is 21 years old and has been in and out of rehab programs and jail for the past 4 years. Also please pray for my wife and I, as we feel lost and can’t come to an agreement as to how to deal with all this and much less as how we can best help our Son. Thank you.

  • Parents Name: Karen

Please pray for Maddy

Struggling with drug addiction, please pray for her.

  • Parents Name: Lilly

Please pray for Lauren and Ariana

I am a divorced Mom of two daughters, 19 and 21 who live together in the Arts District of a large city. They have stopped attending the church near them they chose to attend and have become conformed to the world. Though it breaks my heart to see what they are missing out on in the Lord, I do believe He will use it all for their good and His glory.
Please pray that the eyes of hearts will be enlightened. That God will reveal Himself to them. That His loving kindness will lead them to repentance. That they will ‘come again to their own border’. That they will call upon Him in the day of trouble and He will deliver them and He will be glorified.  Amen.

  • Parents Name: C

Please pray for R

Our son broke the relationship with us nearly two years ago. He and his Godfather decided they had a better relationship and drew up a legal document to declare themselves ‘Father and son’ – a double heartbreak as a friend for 27 years and has betrayed the trust we placed in him when we made him Godparent. Our son has since changed his name completely. The two are ostensibly ‘Christians’ and have started their own ministry, but it has all the hallmarks of a cult. R is now a complete stranger – he’s not the same wonderful, charming, loving and funny son we used to have. Please pray he’ll come home. We love him and we miss him so much.

  • Parents Name: T

Please pray for B

Please pray for our son who is consumed by a life of homosexuality.

  • Parents Name: N

Please pray for J

Prayer that J’s heart would be made sensitive to right and wrong once again. And, that he would be released from the addictions that have come to have such a stronghold on him.

  • Parents Name: J

Please pray for A

My daughter knows the Lord; she was dedicated from the womb to Him. She was brought up in the church, wanted to get baptized after she publically made Jesus her Savior and Lord–she was eleven. As a young teenager, she defended the Word of God many times in public school, stood up for her beliefs among her peers, and even evangelized to them. She helped out with the children’s ministry at church, and joined my husband and I on the worship team, which made me so happy! She was part of the Bible Club at her high school, and even became president of it as a Senior. She was engaged to be married (although at a young age) to a wonderful young man one year older than her, who was studying to be a pastor. All that changed as of last February 2010. She met a young man at college who was became both her and her fiancé’s friend, and started to hang out until all hours with him. She left her fiancé in May, and “officially” started “dating” and moved in with this guy in August. Since all this happened, she’s smoking, has drank (only admitted to it once), left the church, and doesn’t speak too much to me anymore. She has lied left and right about things, and I am at my wits end. It’s evident that the enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy her and our relationship. She knows better, and realizes that she is being tested, but yet has done nothing to improve her relationship with God or her parents. Please pray for her to return to the Lord.

  • Parents Name: G

Please pray for V

Please pray for my son who is addicted to heroin and can’t seem to stop using. He has been in prison several times, released and started to use again. There is now a warrant for his arrest because he did not obey the rules of his probation. I believe he wants to stop using but it doesn’t seem to work out. I have prayed for years. Any prayer would be appreciated.

  • Parents Name: H

Please pray for L

Pray for God’s angels to watch over Lora and keep her safe. May the Holy Spirit work in her heart to bring her to you spiritually. May the Lord guide her to the help she needs following sexual assault, alcohol misuse, and many painful experiences over the past couple years.
Help our family to play the role You would have us take in assisting her. Keep us strong in our faith in You. Thank You, dear Lord, for the peace You have given us thus far. Thank You for Your everlasting love!

  • Parents Name: J

Please pray for K

As a 21 year old mother of two our daughter is choosing to “find happiness” without her fiancé. She is involved with partying friends that make horrible choices with both alcohol and sexual actions. I ask for prayer for her safety, God’s hand in guiding her and that throughout this she will come home so much wiser, repentant and most importantly full on in love with God and Jesus.

  • Parents Name: Joanne

Please pray for V and T

I know God has His hand on their lives. I know the miracles God has done in my life…my faith is strong, my flesh is weak. I am an enabler and I believe I am getting in the way of God working in their lives. I can’t help myself. Somehow I am afraid of what my sons may have to go through to get to where they need to be! My prayer of course is for the boys to serve the Lord and trust in Him completely…but also for me to let go and let God!!!  Thank you Mom – Joanne

  • Parents Name: Peg

Please pray for Daughter and Son

Two of our four children have chosen homosexuality. Please pray for their salvation.

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  1. Pam said:

    Perhaps you can give Nick one more gift….financial classes called Financial Peace by (Christian) Dave Ramsey. I know people who have taken the video classes through their churches and have benefited tremedously. It’s a great, loving, practical thing we can do for our kids.
    I will say a prayer for all the above girls as well.
    God Bless.

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