March 2012

March 13th, 2012 by Linda
  • Parents Name: Rob and Becky

Please pray for Megan

Please pray for our prodigal daughter. She was raised and loved in a Godly home. She asked Jesus to be her Lord at an early age. The last six months she has turned her back on her beliefs. We continue to pray for her daily but have little contact with her. Our hearts are broken. Thank you for you prayers.

  • Parents Name: Debby

Please pray for Jeremy

Please pray for my son, Jeremy. He is a drug addict but refuses to see his needs. He was in rehab for two months last year, but I believe he started back into it with a few days of coming home.  He is 33 years old. Does anyone have suggestions? Please pray for him. I will remember your prodigal prayers. Thank you so much. I know God loves him more than we do.

  • Parents Name: Carla

Please pray for Luke

Luke is 19 yrs. old, had received Jesus as a young child, but after graduating from High School said he no longer believed the stories of the bible, or that Jesus is the only way. Luke is now addicted to marijuana and alcohol, he is barely making it through a few classes at community college, spends most of his time with young men that are on this same path doing the same things. My husband and I pray daily together and are united, but we are both weary – boundaries and consequences are constantly being tested. We know our only hope is our Saviour/Redeemer Jesus Christ.

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  1. David said:

    I’m praying for all of you tonight and feel for you. My wife and I are going through similar things with our two sons – Jordan and Nicholas. I take strength from your stories and feel a common bond with all of you. Please pray for us as well.

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