Our Prayer

Lord, With My Jacob, I Would Pray

with my Jacob,” I would pray,
“wrestle till the break of Day”;
till he, knowing who Thou art,
tho’ asked, will not let Thee depart;
saying, “I’ll not let Thee free
saying Thou wilt first bless me;”
O God of Jacob, who knew how
to change supplanters then, so now
deal, I pray, with this my son,
though he may limp when Thou art

Based on Genesis 32:24-31
Ruth Bell Graham,
“Prodigals and Those Who Love Them”

Strategies for Prayer

1. Approach the Father in that positional place of covenant that the prodigal has with Him.
2. Pray for supernatural love.
3. Pray for the Grace to let go of the prodigal.
4. Pray for grace and endurance to pray for the prodigals.
5. Pray for famine.
6. Pray for holy hunger or holy homesickness.
7. Pray he would come to himself.
8. Pray for gifts of repentance.
9. Pray that the prodigal will have the ability to receive the grace of God.
10. Pray that the Lord will pour out his riches when the prodigal returns.
11. Pray for the elder son.
12. Pray for those raised in church.

Author unknown

Prayer of Deliverance

Father God, In the Name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit I take authority over any and every Spirit of deception that is effecting, influencing, confusing, controlling, manipulating, and deceiving (insert name) in any way. (Matt 12:27-43)

I break the power of effectiveness, influence, confusion, control, and manipulation. In Jesus name I command any and every spirit of deception over which we have taken authority and whose power has been broken, that they are to leave now. They are to go where Jesus tells them to go and they are not to return nor are any like kind or any masquerading as such. (Numbers 30)

I pray this in the Mighty name of Jesus!

Hosea 2:6
…behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns,
and make a wall, that she shall not
find her paths.