Prodigal Prayer List 2008, 2009, 2010

February 20th, 2011 by Linda


  • Please pray for my 23 year old daughter N. She has bi-polar and has begun to display effects of the disease (again) but doesn’t recognize this. She knows the Lord but has begun drinking and putting herself in dangerous situations. Thanks, Mom – Lynda
  • Please pray for my daughter S. She has 1 yr left to finish her BS degree but was arrested due to DUI. She works in a bar (strip club) and is far, far away from her Father God. She has always been very strong willed and determined to “do it her way” although as a young child she loved God and was very gifted musically and wrote worship songs. Everything changed at age 14. Her father is alcoholic and we divorced in 1999 and this exacerbated her lifestyle. Please also pray for me – Thanks – Mom – J
  • Our daughter, L, was brought up in a Christian home, led worship for years, and witnessed effectively at university this past fall. After being influenced by a boyfriend, she has wandered from God & is confused. Would you please pray for L, her boyfriend and his family? Please also pray for our 17 year old daughter, Laura who needs to forgive those who have betrayed her trust, rejected her, or hurt her and allow the healing from God to enter her life. Thank you. Mom – S
  • Our boys have both experienced salvation and were raised in a pastor’s home. Please pray for my son, N, who is 22 and living in NYC with his girlfriend. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please also pray for my son, J who is 19, and has allowed himself to become mixed up in a belief system that is contrary to God’s Word. He is hateful, surly and planning to leave at the end of the summer to return to his new-found friends. Please pray for the broken hearts of my husband and me, as we are not doing well under this burden, especially while trying to pastor. Thank you. Parents – T and C
  • Please pray for my beloved son, Josh (age 19). Josh does not know the Lord as his own personal savior, and, in his attempts to fill the “emptiness” of his heart, has become self-indulgent, self-destructive, and depressed. Please pray that his heart would be softened and that he would become sensitive to God’s calling and will for his life. Mother – Janine
  • Please add Sarah (age 27) to your prayer list. She is single and was raised in the church. She even went on a mission trip to Africa with Teen Mania. Now living in rebellion. Thanks, Mom – Rose
  • Please pray for my beautiful daughter. We are asking God to bring her rebellion to an end and help her see His love for her – and to come back to us. Please also pray for our son who also needs salvation and deliverance. Both our children were raised in a Christian home. Praying Mom – Lisa
  • Please pray for my son, Jonathon, and his wife Sarah. Pray they will turn to Jesus and make Him Lord of their lives. Jonathon was raised going to church but walked away at age 25. Thank you. Mom – Peggy
  • Please pray for my son, Matt. He is 22. He knows the Lord but has been caught up in the world and using drugs for over 4 years. He has been arrested, put in jail, been to rehab twice. The longest he has been sober/clean is 90 days. Hoping this nightmare will end soon. Mom – LB


  • Please pray for my sons J and M, They are both far from the Father. They are now independent and grown young men, who do not live for the Lord. What a blessing it would be to see some fruit begin to show in their lives. Mom – Sandy
  • Please pray for my 19 yr old son A. He proclaimed his homosexuality and left home a year ago. Since then he has cut off his parents though we reach out to him in love. Now he has left our town and moved out-of-state without a word to us. Please pray that he return his heart to his family and his Lord. Pray for me his mother that the heartbreak I suffer from his desertion will lessen and become manageable.
  • Please pray a miracle healing for A. my son who is 30 years old. He is addicted to prescription drugs. He came from a very strong Christian Faith and upbringing. Please pray for God to move this mountain from him and heal him – body, soul and spirit. He has been through drug rehab and a medical protocol, but to no avail. He needs Jesus. Thanks! Mom, Susan
  • Please pray for my 26 year old son, N, who has never accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. His heart is proud and rebellious and he continues to make bad decisions. He is living with a woman twice his age who enables him to continue to live in debt and stay angry and resentful at why he owes people money. Pray that he would accept God’s grace and God would grant him repentance and he would know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.
  • Please pray for my 21 yr old daughter, C, who is a Christian but has a romantic relationship with a non believer. Pray she would turn to the Lord instead of marrying someone who doesn’t know the Lord. Thank you! Mom, Cathy
  • I would appreciate prayers for my prodigal daughter K. After two years of Bible College she moved in with her boyfriend and now found out she is pregnant. I’m tired of feeling guilty and saddened by her choices….I am praying for God to heal my daughter and the rest of the family too. Mom – Monica – CA.
  • Please pray for my 27-year-old son “B” who claims to love the Lord and is saved, but is not making choices to reflect that. He needs emotional healing too. Please also pray for my 15-year-old daughter “M” who is being sucked into the world and its lies. She has chosen not to believe in God as her form of rebellion right now. Thanks! Mom, Angie
  • Please pray for my daughter S. my young teen beginning to have temptations all around her. God protect her and give us wisdom. Mom – Holly – WV
  • My son, David is at a crucial crossroad. He can choose to return to Christ or not. Please pray that he will make good choices and pray that his younger sister will be protected. Mom – B.
  • Our 18 year old son has run-away. Please pray that he will respond to his Heavenly Father’s voice to return and be reconciled. Mom – C
  • Matthew age 22, will return to the Lord, and place his faith and trust in Him and Him alone. For protection from the attacks of the enemy, especially when tempted by alcohol, drugs, and improper relationships. For the Lord to radically work a change in Matt’s life, give him the hope and encouragement that he seeks, and the peace to deal with his daily life. Father – Mike
  • 17 year old “D”. Please pray that the Lord would faithfully and swiftly deliver her from the anger and rage, the drugs, the alcohol, the illicit partners, the ungodly lifestyle, the physical violence towards me and her sister, her rebellion and contempt of us. Please open her father’s eyes to see the truth of what is going on with her in our family, and give him the wisdom and courage to act on her behalf and help him protect his daughter and our grandson from the dangers of this situation. Please Lord, protect D’s 14 year old baby sister from abuse, harm, evil influences any dangers, temptation to sin and despair over our family circumstances. Bind any spirit of rebellion attempting to manifest within her. Lord Deliver us from evil, I implore You! Please break the satanic hold domestic violence has on our family members. In the mighty and precious Name of Jesus. Mom Donna
  • Anna and Grace, to return to the Lord and the values taught to them in our home. Parents, Russ and Laurie


  • I need prayers that will spiritually lift my daughter and help her. Also ask God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to remove the roots of anger, contempt and bitterness from her heart. Filling it then with understanding, hope, forgiveness and joy. Please pray that she will be shielded from harm to both body and soul. That God will break the chains that Satan has bound her up in and mend our family’s broken relationship. Mom – Marianne
  • Matthew 21 year old-Father, deliver him from the stronghold of alcohol and/or drugs. I pray he would have a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ and choose to serve the Lord in all he does. Remove him from ungodly influences, give Matthew hope in You. Mom – Sherri
  • Sarah and her children – We need a miracle. I pray that she will be released from her violent anger and rage (and drugs if she is still involved). I pray that she will begin to make decisions that will better her life and the lives of her children. I pray for my family here at home that the rage she brought into our lives will not affect our efforts to forgive her and that we will continue to pray for God’s blessings in her life and the lives of her children. – Mom Shannon
  • 20 year old Jordan – He left home, no word on where he is or who he is with. Also 18 & 16 year old sons and our marriage. – Mom Deirdre
  • 16 year old Dominique – Pray that she is delivered from the spirit of rebellion and a desire for ungodly companions, Please pray for her mental health. – Mom Donna
  • Christina – Return to God, set better priorities with Children / boyfriend – Mom Sherry – DE
  • Jason – Return to God, his wife and son – Mom Claudia
  • 21 year-old Donna – prayer for her return to the Lord and deliverance from alcohol – Mom Debbie
  • 19 year old Shawn – Mom Susan
  • 19 year old Kyle – Mom Kathy – NC
  • Vern – deliverance from alcohol – Mom Holly – OR
  • Shane – deliverance from alcohol, step up to Fatherhood – Mom Marilyn – CA
  • Brandon & Sarah – return to the Lord – Mom Linda – CA

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