Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children

by Allyson Bottke

If you have an adult child (or grandchild) whose life is one crisis after another and you find yourself constantly caught up in the drama, author Allison Bottke shows you the way out. Using the acronym S.A.N.I.T.Y., she encourages parents to take a tough-love approach in dealing with their dysfunctional adult children. Written by the author of the popular “God Allows U-Turns” series. A Focus on the Family Recommendation.

Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith and How to Bring Them Back

by Drew Dyck

Young people today are not just sprinting away from the church, but they’re leaving the faith as well. Drawing on recent research and in-depth interviews, Dyck identifies seven categories of  “leavers”; offers advice on how to connect with each type;  reveals communication land mines to avoid; and equips you to reawaken the prodigal’s desire for God.

Parenting Prodigals (Book, Audio & Videos)

by Phil Waldrep

Their stories will break your heart. Older adults often share the stories of their grown children who have turned their backs on God, and sometimes, on their parents. At the end of their stories, most of the parents ask the poignant question, “What did I do wrong?” That question haunts them. Their hearts seek answers to the past, present and future relationship with their prodigal son or daughter.

In Parenting Prodigals, senior adult expert, Phil Waldrep, answers the questions parents of prodigals are asking. Based on his interviews with prodigals and his study of the Scriptures, Phil Waldrep discusses and applies six principles every parent can use to bring their prodigal back to God. Using real-life examples, Parenting Prodigals shows parents how to:

• Live Guilt-Free from the Actions of their Prodigal
• Ask for Forgiveness for Past Mistakes
• Love their Child Unconditionally
• Allow their Prodigal to Face the Consequences of their Decisions
• Guard their Words
• Pray Specifically for their Children

Each chapter in the book concludes with practical questions to help the reader process what they read. Early sales show a high number of buyers return to buy several copies for their friends. Parenting Prodigals is an easy-to -read, easy-to-apply book that addresses the issue of wayward children in a simple, practical way.

Prodigal in the Parsonage: Encouragement for Ministry Leaders Whose Child Rejects Faith

by Judi Braddy

Is there anything more devastating for a minister than setting out to win the world and finding himself losing a grip on his own family? What a paradox. Here he is, the spiritual quarterback, running the ball down the end zone for the Lord while his kids are tearing down the goal posts and burning them in protest before the crowd.

As ministers and the parents of three now grown sons, Judi Braddy and her husband, Jim, understand first-hand the dilemma a pastor faces when caught between the church and his family. Prodigal In The Parsonage attempts to provide an honest look at the emotions and issues related to prodigal children specifically as they affect ministry families. Its main purpose is to offer hope through spiritual perspective, help through practical suggestions, and encouragement through honest insight. These principles are illustrated largely through personal experience stories, their own and others, along with a few professional contributors. Prodigal In The Parsonage… is not a book that teaches how to circumvent problems, but how to live hopefully and victoriously in the midst of them.

Other Books:

  • Prodigals and Those Who Love Them by Ruth Bell Graham
  • Parents in Pain by John White
  • Good News About Prodigals by Tom Bisset
  • The Hurting Parents by Margie M. Lewis
  • Surviving the Prodigal Years by Marcia Mitchell
  • Waiting for Your Prodigal Daily Thoughts and Prayers by Marcy Hayes
  • Wild Child, Waiting Mom Finding Hope in the Midst of Heartache by Karilee Hayden & Wendi Hayden English
  • Loving a Prodigal by Norman Wright
  • Praying Prodigals  Home (Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen) by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock
  • The Butterfly and the Stone (A son, A father, God’s love on a prodigal journey) by Dan N. Mayhew
  • Will Your Prodigals Come Home? by Jeff Lucas
  • The Hope of a Homecoming (Entrusting Your Prodigal to a Sovereign God) by Brendan O’Rourke, PH.D. and De Ette Sauer

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